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Miraworks White Paper

Miraworks Presents the 2030 IT Infrastructure Growth Outlook

2 September, 2020

Miraworks White Paper

Miraworks, the world’s first multi-vendor platform for IT infrastructure design, presents its vision of the industry up until 2030. The White Paper, entitled “IT Infrastructure on the Verge of Technological Singularity”, covers the development trends of the global IT infrastructure, including a transition to open multivendor solutions in IT infrastructure design, looming professional IT standards, and integrated tools for designing traditional and cloud IT infrastructures.

In the coming decade, the global IT infrastructure will continue to grow at a rate of 3-5% per year, with industry customers as the main drivers propelling development. In view of the growing importance of IT to business and the ever-increasing need for adaptability, the corporate IT infrastructure is migrating to the cloud. Forecasts suggest a decrease in conventional-vendor solutions down to the share of 40% by 2023 and a ubiquitous transition to digital workflows. This course will outline the IT spending pattern and focus on either supporting or expanding or upgrading the existing IT framework. At the same time, more and more companies are moving from project implementation to product creation. Thus, they consider investing in promising technologies the clue to business transformation. This paradigm shift disrupts both the IT landscape and IT infrastructure policies and growth strategies among lots of businesses.

A shift in customer demands is pushing traditional IT vendors away from their own proprietary solutions, and 4 new major vendor categories are emerging: Software-Defined Vendors, manufacturers of “white box” (or “bright box”) IT equipment, top 5 legacy equipment manufacturers, and VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) vendors. The transformation of the IT infrastructure market will result in companies gradually switching to multi-vendor cloud solutions, and force traditional IT infrastructure manufacturers to largely abandon the monovendor standard, simplify equipment launch as much as possible, and ensure compatibility with the cloud infrastructure.

The evolvement of automation solutions for IT infrastructure configuration and design, as well as digital transformation of companies themselves, are leading to a metamorphosis in the IT job market, with different existing and entirely new skills now in demand: business analytics, cloud technology, and project management are coming to the fore. Another frontline trend is the demand for cross-certification of conventional IT infrastructure manufacturers  (e.g. CISCO / CITRIX / VMware and Amazon AWS). The following trends will shape the labor market for IT professionals in the coming decade: the emergence of new IT professions reflecting demand for advanced technology and irrelevance of potentially-automated specialties; cultivation of IT specialists’ versatile knowledge and skills essential for maintaining and supporting new technology backed by or augmenting the existing IT infrastructure and operating framework, as well as a shift away from mono-vendor solutions to unique, personalized IT architecture projects.

Digital transformation practices create a need for comprehensive tools to monitor current IT infrastructure and design and select solutions that are optimal in terms of cost, time, and compatibility with the existing traditional and cloud vendors. The tools available to IT professionals today only solve specific problems and are far from a cure-all that would encompass all the necessary functions. The emergence of integrated IT infrastructure design and configuration tools will let IT managers confidently plan development and dispense IT engineers from routine tasks, thus allowing them to concentrate on creating solutions that are consistent with the business goals.


About Us: Miraworks is a multivendor IT infrastructure design platform that aids system architects and engineers in creating multivendor specifications, network topologies, and proposals — all in the integrated workspace. To learn more about how Miraworks helps companies adapt to ever-changing industry demands, ensure efficiency and stability of the IT infrastructure and transparency of project costs, and augment IT engineer expertise, visit us at

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