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Let’s build IT Infrastructure ecosystem together

We are on a mission to make IT infrastructure solutions reliable, efficient, and easy—for all IT specialists


Help create IT solutions
that drive the change

IT infrastructure is the backbone of every organization. Millions of IT specialists around the world work hard to ensure its stable performance and future development. Helping them get beyond tedious tasks and unlock their expertise is what Miraworks has set out to do, and it’s is our team who makes it possible.

We are building a community of creative, curious people who are passionate about their work and willing to share their expertise as much as learn from others.

Miraworker's Manifesto

  • Love what you do
  • Deliver value, not promises
  • Take ownership
  • Be open and transparent
  • Keep exploring new ideas
  • Help others
  • Have fun!

Life at Miraworks

Our global team works across several time zones and we are always happy to add a new one to our calendar.

Miraworks is built on flexibility and trust—we focus on outcomes, not outputs. We set weekly goals, assign tasks, and get down to work—having quick calls to find solutions right away. We also meet in person to enjoy each other’s company and have fun.

Some of Miraworks benefits

  • 100% remote workplace
  • personal coaching
  • flexible working hours
  • respectful and collaborative work environment


Start your career in IT engineering at Miraworks. Build your skillset and professional network in a supportive work environment.

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Why intern with Miraworks?

At Miraworks, we want you to get real work experience and a head start in your professional life.

You will be a part of an IT engineering community, work on global projects, and make a real impact. Talk to us about your professional goals and how we can help you reach them with our projects, experience, and networks.

Miraworks is a 100% remote workplace with flexible working hours but we make it a priority to meet in person to have fun and stay connected. Get in touch for a friendly chat about how working for us could work for you.


How it works

Internships at Miraworks are between 6 to 9 weeks for IT students in undergraduate and master’s programs. You can apply for the internship at any time.

We’ll start with a phone or video interview where we’ll discuss your goals and ours. We might give you a brief take-home assignment to tackle.

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