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Our mission is to make IT infrastructure solutions reliable, efficient, and easy

Our Story

IT infrastructure design

Back in the old days, IT infrastructure design meant downloading data sheets from IT vendors’ websites, manually adding different parameters to a table, drawing diagrams, and repeating the whole cycle until technical and cost parameters matched the budget. The costs were big, the solutions were single-vendor and hardware-centered.

Today, IT infrastructure design has become a synonym to hybrid: while cloud and automation solutions came into play, data sheets, multiple program windows, and manual comparisons are still around.

We believe IT engineers, system architects and project managers want to rise above the daily grind and focus on more strategic, value-adding work. Miraworks helps IT teams stay organized, deliver trusted solutions, and grow as jack-of-all-trades experts. In the Miraworks universe, IT infrastructure design is about creativity and innovation, not tedious tasks and outdated instruments.

Miraworker's Manifesto

  • Love what you do
  • Deliver value, not promises
  • Take ownership
  • Be open and transparent
  • Keep exploring new ideas
  • Help others
  • Have fun!

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New ideas and collaboration are in Miraworks’ DNA. With the ecosystem encompassing IT infrastructure design, monitoring, cloud, and business solutions we are looking for like-minded companies, teams, and professionals to join us in disrupting the current world of IT infrastructure solutions.

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