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Go beyond tedious tasks, multiple windows and tools, “final” document versions, and hours of waiting for proposals. Step into the world of operational simplicity, transparent workflows, and cost-efficient decisions.

Why Miraworks will be your once-for-all-time tool to create trusted IT solutions


Multivendor configuration

Automatically compare equipment, configure and convert specifications between multiple IT vendors

  • Add and compare IT equipment with a questionnaire/topology/equipment catalog
  • Import specifications created in Excel
  • Switch equipment between multiple vendors or bundles
  • Track changes in a specification
  • Add custom configurations to the “Favorites” list

Topology drawing

Draw network diagrams with the built-in topology drawing tool tailored to IT infrastructure design.
Create custom network diagrams or use templates

  • Use stencils to add different types of devices and give them custom names
  • Collaborate on diagrams with team members, in real time
  • Save diagrams within the project
  • Export finished solutions to PDF

Project management

Assign and manage team roles and permissions, keep all project information in one place, and provide stakeholders with quick status updates by sharing links to project documentation
Invite and assign project roles to team members

Manage project permissions by providing access to selected documents and adjusting view and edit settings

Use the Send Link option to quickly share project documents that require review


Price quotes

Turn specifications into technical and commercial proposals, apply discount rates, and quickly send finalized solutions to your clients

  • Export finished specifications as PDF files
  • Apply corporate discount rates, automatically create legitimate blanks containing customer company information, and send custom proposals