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Networking software can ease the complexity of multi-cloud management

17 February, 2021
Actually, it’s the same old thing. Previously everyone was concerned about managing a multi-vendor network, like Cisco / Juniper / Huawei. Vendors reluctantly added to their control systems 3rd party applications support with large functional limitations. So initially multi-vendor type control systems appeared, nevertheless, they didn’t work properly.
Now everyone is gradually migrating into a cloud, and the task of single management seems to be reset.
Migrating applications to cloud infrastructure requires scale, performance, and, importantly, automation. Cloud providers package essential native tools in three key areas: security, networking, and management and orchestration (MANO). Each cloud has its own MANO tools to provide management, visibility, and automation tools that must be set manually, which means a learning curve for enterprise IT teams that support multi-cloud environments. Thus many IT operations involving IaaS multi-clouds are difficult to scale.

IT pros should investigate network controllers and cloud-based solutions to reduce complexity. Generally key to user experience is a high-quality performance between applications in the cloud and end-users. This requires the network intelligence to connect to the best IaaS point of presence.

Networking software can ease the complexity of multi-cloud managementCisco adds multi-cloud support to Cisco ACI to provide troubleshooting tools and centrally manage the IaaS multi-cloud, and at the same time, there are such independent solutions like Aviatri.
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