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Miraworks joins PwC Venture Hub program

Miraworks joins PwC Venture Hub program
Miraworks was selected among 456 startups to participate in PwC Russia Venture Hub program. During the next 3 months, Miraworks team will enjoy the opportunity to work together with PwC experts and launch pilot projects with potential customers.

About Miraworks

Miraworks is a multivendor IT infrastructure design platform that aids system architects and engineers in creating multivendor specifications, network topologies, and proposals — all in the integrated workspace. To learn more about how Miraworks helps companies adapt to ever-changing industry demands, ensure efficiency and stability of the IT infrastructure and transparency of project costs, and augment IT engineer expertise, visit us at

About PwC Venture Hub

The PwC Venture Hub brings together technology startups, innovation-driven corporations, venture capital firms and investors to create new products and solutions, provide services and implement joint projects within the innovation ecosystem. Visit the program website to learn more: