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Release Date Version What’s New
1 August 2020 0.1b_1 Platform:
– Miraworks Alfa version: Questionnaire, Specification Import, Specification Export, Topology Editor, Topology Collaborative Editing
Product Database Updates:
– Switches: Huawei S2720/S5720/S6720/S573x/S6730, Juniper EX2300/EX3400/EX4300/EX4600, Cisco C2960/C9200/C9300/C9500
– Routing Switches: Huawei S7700/S12700/S12700E, Juniper EX9200/EX9250, Cisco C9400/C9600
– Data Center Switches: Huawei CE5800/CE6800/CE7800/CE8800/CE12800/CE16800, Juniper QFX5100/QFX5200/QFX10000
1 September 2020 0.2b_2 Platform:
– Fixed bugs, optimized speed and quality of equipment selection using Questionnaire, Selection of compatible transceivers in topological constructor, Specification export in commercial proposal format, Discount management
Product Database Updates:
– Firewall: Huawei USG6500E/USG6600E, Juniper SRX300/1500/4000, Cisco FPR1000/2000/4000
– Routers:Cisco ISR900
1 October 2020 0.3b_3 Platform:
– Fixed bugs, optimized speed and quality of equipment selection using Questionnaire
Product Database Updates:
– Routers: Cisco ISR4000
1 November 2020 0.4b_4 Platform:
– Improved equipment selection and multi-vendor conversion algorithm, fixed bugs
Product Database Updates:
– WiFi: Cisco, Huawei
– Routers: Huawei AR600/6000, Cisco ISR1000
– Transceivers: Routers, Switches, Firewall
1 December 2020 0.4b_5 Product Database Updates:
– Licenses & Support for Huawei and Cisco products
– Servers: Huawei 2288
1 January 2021 0.4b_6 Product Database Updates:
– Switches: Cisco C9300 (24UB, 48UB, 24UBX, 24H, 48H)
– Switches: Huawei S5732-H MGIG, S6730-H28Y4C
– Stencils for industrial switches and servers
1 March 2021 0.4b_7 Content:
-Switches: Eltex MES1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000
– Services: SmartNet and Hi-Care for Cisco and Huawei equipment
1 April 2021 0.4b_8 Content:
-Switches: updated Cisco C900 portfolio
1 May 2021 0.4b_9 New features:
-Stencils: Cloud Infrastructure stencils

New Services:
– Cloud Services: MTS Cloud and Sber Cloud IaaS services