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For Integrators

We know how important it is to provide customers with expert IT infrastructure solutions. And Miraworks can equip your engineers and architects with a multifaceted tool to cover all the operating tasks.

  • Solutions
    #1 Automate

    No more tedious work with numerous Excel sheets and siloed databases. Quickly estimate projects of any complexity and offer multivendor solutions—all on one, integrated platform.

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    #2 Create multivendor

    Provide clients with vendor-neutral, need-tailored infrastructure concepts and specifications. Send specifications in the form of valid proposals.

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    #3 Eliminate compatibility

    Our configurator is based on the concept of ensuring zero equipment conflict. This is why Miraworks guarantees flawless compatibility of all infrastructural components within a solution.


For Enterprises

Master your company’s IT infrastructure and get full control over architectural processes.
Collaborate, design, and adapt—keeping your organization technologically capable.

  • Solutions
    #1 Estimate infrastructure
    in a few clicks

    Easily visualize your infrastructure and costs.
    You don’t need to require costly auditing to see what your IT architecture will look like.

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    #2 Collaborate on solutions
    with your team

    Assign team roles and manage view permissions to keep everyone updated.

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    #3 Adapt your infrastructure
    to business changes

    Life goes and flows, and nothing is permanent. Miraworks will be your best ally in transforming your infrastructure in response to external or internal factors.


For Vendors

Miraworks is an ecosystem where vendors can virtually connect to direct customers and end users.
Empower your company with this opportunity.

  • Solutions
    #1 Unlock an expert sales channel

    Miraworks is more than just a bunch of tools. It’s a place where enterprises and integrators can design their infrastructures. And you as a vendor is a crucial equipment supporter for them.

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    #2 Expand market

    With your equipment presented on Miraworks, you will secure a wider market presence, supplying integrators and end users from all over the globe. Get a versatile configurator and a custom domain (e.g. to bring aggregate calculations and manage your partners’ and customers’ demands.

  • Solutions
    #3 Partner
    with Miraworks

    Let’s be friends! We can provide each other with valuable solutions and expertise, being mutually beneficial.

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