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Miraworks Guides
What is Miraworks?

Miraworks is a SaaS multi-vendor IT infrastructure design & workflow tool. We help system integrators accelerate solution preparation, reduce costs, and speed up time-to-value for their customers—by automating routine quotation and estimation tasks.


• Automated specification creation
⁃ Add equipment items with the multivendor Catalog or describe your requirements with the Questionnaire. The system will automatically compile a specification based on your inputs.
⁃ Alternatively, import an Excel specification and work on it in Miraworks.

• Network design & visualization
⁃ Use Topology Editor to create valid and illustrative network diagrams based on the specification.
⁃ Templates help even unexperienced users create expert, reliable solutions from scratch.

• Project management
⁃ Collaborate on specifications and diagrams with team members
⁃ Assign roles and access rights
⁃ Share documents & solutions
• Exporting valid proposals
Turn your specifications into valid proposals you can send to your customers

Watch this brief yet comprehensive walkthrough of Miraworks and learn how to add and compare equipment, visualize network topologies with Topology Editor, and convert specifications into official proposals.