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it solutions architect

Who is solutions architect?

6 April, 2021
it solutions architect
Who bridges communication between IT and business operations? Let’s discuss the main points about a solutions architect. He is the one who is responsible for evaluating an organization’s business needs and determining how IT can support those needs by leveraging software, hardware, or infrastructure. And as his main goal is to properly design and implement potential solutions, the solutions architect is always involved in regular feedback, adjustments, and problem-solving. We can name such examples of solutions architecture functions like developing cloud infrastructure for efficiency or adopting security measures for data, systems, and networks.
What should solutions architects be prepared for? To work with leaders, managers, and employees across every business unit. They deal with lead brainstorming sessions, developing potential solutions for business needs, developing IT strategies and improving current IT implementations. And if working on a product team, they might also be expected to work with clients to understand expectations and requirements. This will result in setting proper expectations for the end product.
And what are the main skills for successful handling of IT solutions and business objectives? Solutions architects must have strong leadership and communication skills, as well as both technical and business knowledge. Popular reported technical skills for solutions architects include SAP Business Warehouse, AWS, and Azure, Apache Kafka, ServiceNow, Data Management, experience with enterprise architecture, experience working with IT architecture frameworks.
If you’d ask about the average salary, then for a solutions architect it is $119,000 per year according to data from PayScale. The highest-paid solutions architects are located in San Jose and San Francisco, where the reported average salaries are $144,000 and $132,000 per year, respectively.